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provincia de antequera adecco costa rica Enter our history: a story like life itself with its own ups and downs. However, it is worth noting that running a sustainable company for 125 years ongoing is not something that happens by chance, but it is something that requires dedication, knowledge and skill and also the ability to learn from past experiences, gathering wisdom and key know-how and adapting it to the modern world of business.

New collections

hemorragia implantacion embarazo Mariner is one of the most exclusive lighting and furniture manufacturers in the world.

grupo dg tabasco Their collections are the object of desire for lovers of products with soul. The creation of these unique pieces involve the work of designers and craftsmen who use techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. The collections of Mariner are present in the most exclusive places in the world, palaces, mansions and villas, government buildings, hotels …

buscar ingresos brutos Timelessness is one of the virtues that characterize their creations, and only time can act as a witness and bestow the great value that makes them unique. Mariner presents its latest collections in lighting, Royal Heritage, Gallery and Romantic and in furniture, Gallery, Gatsby, Vermont and Wellington.

luis garcia navarro Supreme Luxury Experience

cuento de fabula by Caterina Licitra

de toda clase de juegos Mariner unveils its new collection designed by Caterina Licitra.

frigo americano lg The collection consists of 8 pieces; the designer inspired the collection in the creativity of her

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textos de literatura colombiana symbol of Italian beauty and elegance.

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“I am currently designing a collection for Mariner.

It is aimed at the sophisticated tribe of young luxury nomads.”

Caterina Licitra

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Mariner Luxury Experience

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